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This past week I found myself so exhausted. So tired of the everyday. So worn out in the normal routine. I spent 4 days sick – feel like death sick. Fever, chills, sore throat, earache and body aches-Sick. I’m a pitiful sick girl, just ask my husband! I whimper, I can’t help it, I certainly don’t mean to or even realize I’m doing it. My mom has told me I have done it since I was 6 months old. (I must insert my apologies here, if I linked up next to you or you commented last week here, I kept thinking I would catch up and read all the posts and leave responses but alas it didn’t happen.)


Do you feel like me?


Maybe not physically sick, but mentally worn out, spiritually exhausted?


When we find ourselves feeling like this we are distracted from our purpose and calling. Satan can use this against us, he is on the attack and when we become weary he is ready to pounce.

I am His | Me, Coffee & Jesus

I know this, I even think I am prepared, most of the time, but it still sneaks up on me. The Lord knew this would happen to us. He was so confident that it would, He gave us instructions to prevent it. Ephesians 6 gives instructions on clothing ourselves against the enemy.


But it takes work to put that on everyday…time too. When life is rolling it’s easy to get distracted from the need to clothe ourselves for battle. It’s easy to lose sight that there is a battle.  This is important ladies, so listen up! There is a battle, a battle so big, a battle that’s entire mission is to destroy and detain us from our purpose we have been planted for. We know this right?  It’s Christianity 101, but how easy is it to forget.


Now did I just hear a mumble from the back of “what purpose?”


Don’t you believe it, sister. You have been created for a great purpose. A purpose of patiently loving your children, your husband, your aging parents. The purpose of kindness, smiling at the cashier, tipping that young waitress. Praying for the co-worker that drives you bonkers. If you don’t see or think you have a purpose that is the lie of the enemy. To think like that allows a victory for him, that line of thinking doesn’t allow room for the Lord to work in your life. His plans are always bigger than we imagine. Maybe right now your purpose feels small, but don’t let that distract you from the big things the Lord is preparing for you behind the scenes.


Ok, sorry I had to get that clear, I was saying that all to myself six months ago so I know someone was thinking it today.


Even when we know the spiritual attacks are coming it is still hard to prepare. A huge spiritual attack for me is my health. I have the worst immune system and a chronic illness that rears its head when I’m run down/stressed. If you live in Indiana you know the source of my stress this past week, water! We had over a foot in our front yard last Monday. The other common spiritual attack is financial stress. So yep you guessed it, some financial stressers this past week, nothing catastrophic but stressful.


The enemy loves when we are stressed out because what are we thinking about when we are stressed? Me, me, me. We move from thinking about living ruined lives for Jesus, to me living. Our worries, our finances, our sick bodies. Just last week I wrote about living ruined for Jesus, this week I didn’t live that out. To experience that dichotomy within just a week was a true lesson in the importance of daily clothing myself in His armor. 


I am personally entering a time in my life of spiritual attacks. When I registered for SheSpeaks earlier this year I was told to be ready, the enemy was coming. Be prepared because you are doing work for the Lord and he wants to wear you out. I know this and still allowed myself to be caught without my armor. So ladies will you pray with me this week, and over the next few weeks. Will you shift your “me” living to living as she warriors, she warriors so ruined for Jesus that satan shivers in his tracks.


Let your worship be your battle cry | Me, Coffee & Jesus


Father God, we ask for strength this week. Strength to fight the unseen battles that are happening. We ask that you gird us with the belt of truth, that our minds will filter all thoughts through your truth. We ask for our bodies to be covered in your armor of righteousness. That we will live just and fair, guarding judgmental thoughts, remembering others we interact with are created beings of Yours too. We pray for shoes of peace so that as we step into others lives we bring a holy calmness to them. We ask for your shield of faith. A shield to stand behind that will protect us from the certain arrows the enemy will throw at us. We thank you for the helmet of salvation that you provide to us. We ask for complete trust and confidence in its helm of our life. We praise you for the sword that you provided us with. We ask for discernment to fight with it, for strength to wield it. Father, we pray these things and claim them in the power of who you have created us to be. We ask for a holy alertness, to stay aware of the coming attacks to persistently seek you and your will in our lives.

Put on the armor of God, fight like a warrior | Me, Coffee & Jesus


If you have a specific prayer request I would love to pray for you. Drop me an email at mecoffeeandjesus@gmail.com or use my contact page. We will fight the enemy together.


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This week I’m featuring two bloggers because I couldn’t decide which one I loved best! So first I give you Keri of Living In This Season her post that encourages us to “find hope in knowing that we are all doing a beautiful work[of raising our children], each in different and unique ways and it is so good. We can embrace our differences and have confidence in how God made us.” You need to check out the full post! 

I’m also featuring Deb of Counting My Blessings she posted on the qualities that make us great, our greatness is ultimately based on her words: “You are great because by God’s grace through Jesus and the power of His Spirit” but you must check out the rest of her truth filled post!

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  1. My thoughts are right with you this week! We need rest in Jesus. I just added you to my list of link ups at http://thereflectionofhim.blogspot.com/p/reflect.html

  2. Don’t get out of bed without putting on His armor. One friend asked me if I was going to work “naked” recently. I was flabbergasted-until she asked was I dinning my sandals of peace, buckling the belted truth…I got it! Love your prayer Winter.


    See you at SheSpeaks – all armored up!

    • winterlawson says:

      Oh my word I laughed out loud on that one!! Can’t wait to see you and I’ll be wearing it, count on it!!

  3. I’m so sorry you weren’t feeling well! I hope you’ve gotten some rest and recuperated a bit. Thanks again for hosting such a beautiful linkup…I”m excited to check out this weeks’ links!

  4. Thank you for featuring my post. What encouragement for today! Love the reminder that we are daughters of the KING! Have a great start to your week!

  5. Hello there fellow Hoosier! I came home after work to find water in my basement. Water was tricking down the wall and a lake in the yard next to the house. Thank God the sump pump was working. But it had to happen when my husband was out on the road trucking. I pray that you will feel better and that the sun will shine! I’m from Northern Indiana. Where abouts are you?

    • winterlawson says:

      I know what you mean! We have a field across the street and behind the neighbors, that basically drains into our creek/ditch. The culvert under the road couldn’t keep up so we got flooded. Thankful that other than water backing up the toilet (had to bail it 🙁 yuck) we survived without issue. But until it stopped raining and it started to recede we were on high alert! I’m an hour south of Ft. Wayne so we in the same areaish!

  6. I hear you fellow Hoosier! I came home from work to find water in my basement. Of course my husband was on the road trucking, but all is good. The sump pump was working it’s heart out and finally it’s dry. I pray you get better. I’m in Northern Indiana, where bout’s are you?

  7. I have been created for a great purpose! Thanks for encouraging me today. I’m visiting you from Monday Musigns and I linked up too in your party! Thanks for hosting!

    Blessings to you!
    Tayrina from

    • winterlawson says:

      I’m so glad you visited and were encouraged!! So blessed to have you join the party, I will be sure to stop this week!

  8. Winter, I’m so sorry you were sick. You are right that sometimes we forget about the battle that is constantly going on and we forget to arm ourselves. “Just last week I wrote about living ruined for Jesus, this week I didn’t live that out.” I find this to be true so many times. We decide we are going to do something, get all excited about it, and then BOOM, it seems like everything happens to keep us from it. I think maybe it helps to remind us that we can’t do it on our own. We need to gird ourselves with the armor of God and we need Him to give us the strength and grace to follow His leading. Thanks for your timely post! Blessings to you and I hope you are feeling much better now. 🙂

    • winterlawson says:

      You are so right!…it’s not about our ability but His! I’m so blessed to have you stop by and thank you I am feeling much better now!

  9. Shalom my dear sister!
    I am so blessed to hear your words today – and to hear truth spoken so sincerely. Many people dont want to talk about or face the fact that as believers who step out to do mighty works, we will face these attacks. We need to know that and we need to be prepared. Being a warrior for the Kingdom, heck that’s my heartbeat, let’s do it! May you be blessed and I am keeping all my sisters in prayer for strength and for purpose! Many blessings Aliyah (www.setapartwarrior.com) Oh just thought you might like this…. our ministry for women warriors is called Heroine Hallway, here is the link! http://www.seekingtruthintorah.com/p/heroine-hallway.html

    • winterlawson says:

      You are right, I don’t understand why people don’t want to talk about spiritual attacks. I think talking about it only helps us be prepared for when they come! So blessed that you stopped by and thank you for your encouragement!

  10. Winter,
    My sister I too have been on the battlefield. But I come along side you as Aaron holding up your arms. When Jehovah Nissi, The Banner is raised we are VICTORIOUS!!!!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing! So, so encouraging today. Just what I needed to read today! Blessings to you!

  12. Winter, Even when we win the battle, it is wearying to have been in one. May the Lord restore your soul. Thank you for your wise words today.

  13. In the messiness and business of daily life, it is easy to forget that we all have a great purpose! A purpose that was instilled within us by God on the day we were born (well…before we were even born). 🙂 Even if it feels small to us, it’s big to God and also big to those that we impact as we live out our God-given purpose.

    • winterlawson says:

      You are so right Laura! I used to think the small wasn’t enough but I’m realizing more and more just how big God is in the small!

  14. oh this post truly spoke to my heart. Thank you for your wisdom and how you point back to the Word. Thank you for sharing your heart in such a beautifully authentic way!

    • winterlawson says:

      You are so sweet friend! Seriously (in a un-creepy way) I just can’t wait to meet you and give you a hug!!

  15. Thank you for your post. It was a confirmation for me. I hope you feel well soon and have an injection of energy. I know what it feels like to be rundown and it isn’t fun and our minds can runaway with all that we should be doing and haven’t done etc.

    • winterlawson says:

      So thankful that the Lord spoke to you. That is how my mind works too, just keeps creating a running to-do list when I really just need to rest. Praising Jesus I am feeling better and more energetic!

  16. I am sorry you have been having an off week Winter, but don’t you love how God uses those moments for teaching and for His glory. Blessings to you for a healthy week, spiritually, physically and emotionally. 🙂

  17. Thank you for the reminder that we all have great purpose in Christ! Stopping over as your neighbor from the #RaRaLinkup.

  18. Debbie @ Bible Fun For Kids says:

    Thanks so much for hosting!

  19. Hi there! New here, found your linky party over at Titus 2sday!

  20. Winter, thank you so much for featuring my post this week. I am humbled and honored. Your kindness blesses me. Praying you’re feeling a bit better this week. Blessings and hugs!

  21. I sure hope you’re feeling better, Winter. Being sick is so draining, in so many ways. I was sick about a month ago, and I’m still coughing. But it’s the added *weary* that is draining me. And yes, I am exhausted in so many ways, not just physically. You’re so right, the enemy just loves when we get worn down. Our defenses don’t seem to fight his ugly battle of lies as well. I am joining you in praying for God’s strength to be a warrior – even though in my own strength I cannot lift my sword.

    The battle is His, the victory has already been won. Help us, Lord, to fight courageously. May He lift us up on wings like eagles…


  22. Going back to those foundations is so important sometimes. Thanks for sharing all this encouragement. I’m hoping you have more peace now. Thanks for linking up at #ThreeWordWednesday.

  23. Winter, thank you for linking up at #LookinUp. ..I loved your post and read it out loud with expression! It was powerful. ..the kids thought I was a bit crazy as I spoke it out. 🙂 very good stuff my friend!

  24. Love this entire post – but the graphics most of all! All absolutely perfect for #notfinefriday! So thankful for your openness and authenticity and I’m very excited to meet you next month in person 🙂

  25. Oh man! I love this —-> “The enemy loves when we are stressed out because what are we thinking about when we are stressed? Me, me, me. ” So true! It’s always so good to be reminded that we are warriors. So important! I loved your prayer! So excited to discover this link-up! So kind of you to host! Blessings from Espressos of Faith!

  26. Hello Winter from another SheSpeaks gal. The attacks are certainly real, God’s strength even more so. For that I am ever thankful. Sometimes I become vulnerable, forgetting about that armor. Yours is a good, very good, reminder. I will be praying for you. Would love your prayers as well. Perhaps our paths will cross there. 🙂 Visiting from Blessing Counters today.

  27. ‘Let your worship be your battle cry.’
    I ♥ this! Thank you for sharing!

  28. Funny you should mention this…I just posted this: Feelings versus Faith – Who wins. Enjoy http://www.chrismalkemes.com Blessings in Him…Chris~

  29. Hi Winter, I’m new to your blog and linkup. I agree that it is easy to forget our purpose and the fact that a spiritual battle is always waging in the “unseen.” I’m grateful for your enthusiasm and important challenge to us all. Thanks also for the linkup!

  30. Rebekah says:

    Thank you


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