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Hello sweet readers! I wanted to let you know I will be missing the next two weeks. I will serving as part of the leadership team for the Engage Youth Conference the first of next week , I’m so very excited for the opportunity to serve in furthering the reach of Jesus. Then Wednesday I head out to She Speaks, to go be filled to the brim with teachings to hone my dream and calling of writing and speaking in the name of Jesus. Wowzers, I’m so very excited to see all that the Lord has in store. The friendship that He has already started to produce with the other attendees are so amazing! Following that I will be totally off the grid, well as much as I can be, while camping with my lovely little family!


Yes, you read that right, camping for a week. This girly girl is getting in touch with her nature side!! At least this time camping involves a motor-home! 


This week I wanted to share with you, and myself, part of a message that the Lord laid on my heart to speak to a group of ladies a couple of months ago. I have a tendency to feel invisible and unneeded. I’m pretty honest about that when you know me, I know that it is a way for the enemy to attack me, I hate that I continue to have doubts about my value.


I have so much faith in the Lord’s plan for your life and my own, yet in the dark of life, doubt is my weakness.


For me, my feelings of being invisible stem from childhood. I grew up made to be very quiet, I was painfully shy-not many who know me now would guess that! I was told by my grandpa that I was ignorant and worthless on a daily basis. My mom and I lived with my grandma and grandpa because my real father broke off the engagement with my mom when she became pregnant. From the womb I wasn’t wanted by him. Once in elementary and middle school I wanted to blend in, so I just stayed really quiet in hopes of no one there pointing out or noticing my worthlessness.


I had friendships but they “broke up” with me. Boys didn’t look twice at me. Until one day a boy noticed me. I learned very  quick what he wanted and what I should do to keep him, but it didn’t last. I was introduced to Jesus around the time boys entered my radar. My first introduction sadly, was not one of friend, healer, and seeker of my heart. It was one who set strict rules and really wasn’t a relational God. It was as if I really I could never live up to the standard, it felt that even grace wasn’t enough. So I felt that was just one more area of life that I couldn’t measure up in.


But Jesus kept pursuing my heart, kept wooing me.


Showing me that yes, I couldn’t measure up on my own but through HIS grace I could. Through his love, I was no longer invisible. Through the Lords plans, I was introduced to a boy that would spend 17 years so far showing me my beauty and that I’m not invisible.  When I have days feeling like I am not enough, that I can never be worthy of love, those days I look into my daughters eyes. I see her beauty, her worth, I then realize my heavenly Father sees that in me and so much more.


What the world tries to label us, God wants to replace with His truth. | Me, Coffee & Jesus


What life gave me in rejection, feelings of being unloved, not enough, not captivating, not worthy, that I had no value or anything to offer. God determined to bring good out of that. He determined to wipe out each of those labels and replace them.

The world says worthless. He says you are the daughter of the King.

The world says unloved.  He says you are so loved my son died just for you. 


The world says not captivating. He says I am so captivated by your beauty I know each hair on your head, each day you will live out on this earth. 



The world says not enough. He says I have plans that only you were created to accomplish, You are my masterpiece. 


The world says invisible. He says I see you I know you I love you beyond anything you can imagine.



 What the world says vs. What God says | Me, Coffee & Jesus


So girls, this week I don’t know if this message is for you or me. I do know that we both probably need it. I need it because I’m walking into a time of holy ground, full of faith in the Lords plan. The enemy doesn’t like that so he will send plenty of doubts and attacks my way. You may need it because you are knee deep in dirty diapers and you haven’t showered in two and a half days and haven’t talked to someone over the age of 5 in a week. You feel beyond unnoticed, you feel lost to who you are and who you want to be. Well, dear sister you aren’t not invisible to me or our sweet and loving Lord.


Maybe you are sitting behind your computer feeling that you are in a season without friends or someone who “gets” you. Well lovely lady, the Lord of the universe “gets” you and longs for you. He knows the doubts and insecurities of your heart when no one else does. He longs to hear them and walk with you through them.


I pray this week and until I write to you again that you will only hear the voice of the Lord, speaking words of love and encouragement over you.


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This week amazing ladies to be featured are Jenessa of Mothering in Real Life. Her post written about the her trip to the grocery store and being impacted by the mom who seemed to have it all together ahead of her in line. I so related to this post because I’m usually the mom feeling like a hot mess, this is wonderful reminder that you never know who is watching and who will be impacted.


I’m also featuring Cynthia of My Rose Colored Shades her post on giving the Lord of our first fruits was convicting to my spirit. Her reminders of time with God first, eliminates the chance of Him getting our leftovers or nothing at all.


My last feature really struck home because it is where I find myself. Unsure of being completely authentic because there is fear of what people may think, yet realizing that it’s ALL about HIM and His glory. You really must take a moment to read Caroline of In Due Time’s post.


You can find me on these lovely blogs each week! 


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  1. Have I told you yet, I LOVE YOUR NAME! I have a niece named Autumn and reading yours reminded me of her. I haven’t seen her in many years, but still think of her. Thank you for the notice on the link up. Enjoy your two weeks away. Many blessings I’m sure are awaiting you.

    • winterlawson says:

      Awww you are so sweet! I didn’t appreciate my name as a child but embrace it now! I know I will, and I’ll see you back in 2 weeks!

  2. Winter, See you at SheSpeaks!!!

    • winterlawson says:

      I can not WAIT!!!! I’m nervous about the travel/being away from my family, but when I think of being with 800 like minded women my heart speeds up!!

  3. Wow! Thank you for sharing your story. So many people need to hear this. I am definitely sharing!

  4. Winter,
    I absolutely love the truths that you shared here – it was so helpful to list the lies of the world, and sometimes of the enemy, and then to show the truths that combat each of those lies. I hope you have a wonderful time at SheSpeaks and also camping with your family.

    • winterlawson says:

      Feel free to print it out or save it to your computer, I need to wear it around my neck some days!

  5. This was a beautiful and passionate reminder of our identity in Christ. I shared an older post in my linkup with you because I felt they work together. Thanks so much!

  6. Wonderful words of encouragement this morning. Thank you Winter. The perfect way to begin a Monday morning. I hope you have a wonderful trip. God bless you!

  7. have you read You are Special by Max Lucado? It’s a children’s picture book we have read to our girls dozens of times but it always ministers to MY heart.

    • winterlawson says:

      Isn’t it funny how the Lord uses unexpected things to speak to our hearts! I haven’t read that one, but I sure will not!!

  8. I loved that Winter! Thanks for encouraging with those words. I’m re-labeled by the King of Kings!

  9. Hi Winter. This is my first week linking up with you. I found you via the SheSpeaks fb page. Perhaps our paths will cross next week. If not, they’ll be mighty close! #GoJesus

    • winterlawson says:

      I’m so glad you stopped by! It would be awesome if our paths did meet! I’m so very excited as I imagine you are!!

  10. Thanks for hosting and for linking up at Mondays @ Soul Survival. Blessings!

  11. Such a beautiful, encouraging post! Thank you for this. God is using you to encourage others… and He encouraged me through your words. God bless you! Following you at #RaRaLinkup.

  12. What a great post, Winter! I came over on Twinkly Tuesday.

    I love your idea of changing the labels and re-labeling the lies with the truth! I pinned your photos to this link today:

    Hope you have a blessed day~

  13. What a beautiful message! Grateful to have found you. I would love to be going to She Soeaks. It sounds amazing, have fun!

  14. Beautiful words of encouragement, Winter. May I always remember who I am in His eyes. Thank you, Winter, for sharing your heart at #IntentionalTuesday on Intentionally Pursuing. : )

  15. Hi Winter,
    This was so wonderful! The enemy attacks me in this same way. The whispering of lies about my worth and Jesus has done such a work of restoration in me through believing and claiming just what you wrote about! Beautiful!
    Have a wonderful time away at SheSpeaks! I was there in 2013 but haven’t been able to get back again 🙁 I know God’s got that all in His plan, though! (It would have been so fun to meet so many of you lovely ladies in person, though!!)
    Blessings and smiles,

  16. Thanks for this powerful post! May God continue to bless you on your journey of faith.

  17. Thanks for this post! God is so good to us! Stopping by from Reflect

  18. “Showing me that yes, I couldn’t measure up on my own but through HIS grace I could.” How we all need to believe this truth! I struggled with feelings of inferiority – like others were better than me – as I was growing up. I didn’t realize at the time that my identity is in Christ, not in what I can or can’t do or how I look. He loves us so much, but sometimes those doubts creep in and try to tell us we aren’t good enough. We still have to fight them sometimes,but I am so thankful that God hears and answers prayer. Thank you so much for your encouragement! I’m visiting from #CoffeeforyourHeart and I also linked up with you. 🙂 God bless you on your upcoming events. May you be filled and may you continue to bless others with your life. Enjoy your family camping trip!

  19. Thank you for the lovely reminder of how valuable we are to the Lord.

  20. I find reflection on my life brings me closer in awareness of Providence in my life. When the times seem the worst, or even the best, I can see the Savior’s had tenderly caring for me. Thanks be to God. Thank, too, you for this post! Wishing you well!

  21. Love this, Winter! Your features every week are lovely…I enjoy how you introduce them and connect us to them! Keep up the good work! Great job!

  22. The idea that God knows everything about me but continues pursuing me anyway is amazing, really. Thanks for reminding me of that. And have a great time at camp! 🙂

  23. Yea! See you at SheSpeaks, Winter!

  24. Thank you so much for sharing! It was just what I needed to read!

    This very week I have been feeling the weight I seeming invisible. I am in a season “without friends”. I have friends, but their lives have changed and are very busy making it impossible for them to connect with me. I can feel like at 55 my life is passing me by, not living it to the fullest. But God…

    Your words were such an encouragement to me as you compared how the world might make us feel to the Truth of how God feels about us.

    As God always does, He knows my need, and He has been ministering to me in that need. 🙂

  25. This was so encouraging to me today. So thankful that when He speaks, the words are good and gives me courage to move on with joy!

  26. Hi Winter, I’m not sure, but I think that this may be my first visit with you. What a pretty name you have. I happened upon you at the weekend brew linkup. 🙂 I love your words here. And, I just love being a part of God at work, because I really feel like He’s doing a movement on this topic. I wrote something similar recently, and ever since, I’ve read *so* many posts along a similar vein. Love that. God’s got something to say, and He’s getting His message out there. 🙂 Thanks for sharing today. Hope you have wonderful time camping and at She Speaks. ~ Best to you ~

  27. It is so important that we learn to replace the lies of the enemy and the world with the Truth of our King. Thank you for sharing these beautiful words of wisdom!

    May He continue to fill your cup to overflowing. (Thanks for hosting the link-up, too!)

  28. You said in response to someone else’s comment that there are days when you need to print this list off and wear it around your neck… I can relate. The enemy will try to destroy you and trap you in lies but we are accepted and loved by the King of Kings, hallelujah!

  29. This is a beautiful testimony. I’m so sorry for the hurt you faced, but so thankful that God can and does heal the broken places.

  30. Now how in the world did I miss that you host a linkup? For the love of Pete! I must come visit more often. I look forward to meeting you at She Speaks!

    • winterlawson says:

      Haha I love it!! Yes I hope you will join when I resume the party! And I really hope our paths cross!!…I leave in 23 hours 🙂

  31. This is such a great reminder that the world fills our minds with constant lies and that we need to remain in His truth. Thank you so much for the feature!

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