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He Brings Direction To Our Calling

As I continue to make my way through my season of study, (which is not a waste – take that satan) I settled into the book of John. As I read over familiar passages my eyes hit the word immediately and my world was rocked!


I truly do love this season of study, I always viewed the study of God’s word hard, complex and definitely not for me. In August, coming home from She Speaks, I knew that was my new season. When you go to a conference with expectations of coming home with this great project, cause let me be honest, I’m a project girl! Give me a check list and a goal and I’m in my element. Needless to say when the assignment I received was learn My truth, study My word, a teensy weensy part of me was just a little disappointed. Now 3 months and 21 books of the New Testament later, I’m hooked. Hooked and proud of it. I was squealing happy when my friend got me my own Strong’s Concordance for my birthday. It’s ok you can call me a nerd over this, I am!

We must learn to embrace the season that God places us in. To walk in obedience through each season God chooses for us.

Back to this word – immediately. This word popped out to me in verse 21 of John 6. This is a passage that I’m sure you are at least a little familiar with, Jesus walks on water. The disciples got a bit impatient waiting on Jesus and since they were the water men they were, they decide to just get in a boat and row to Capernaum. In the dark. With a storm brewing. Now I’m not bashing any men but I can tell you I don’t think the ladies would have decided to row out after darkness fell. At least this girl wouldn’t have, I would have been content to sleep on the bank, snack on the leftover bread and fish, while a fire blazes.


But not the disciples, off they go. They rowed out 3 to 4 miles and a full blown storm is over them. I can just picture this boat filled with men trying to stay afloat. Sweat flying, muscles straining, mental shouts of “why in the world did we do this” happening on the boat. Then out of the mist, through the waves, comes Jesus walking on the water. After what I envision of men screaming like little girls, Jesus says don’t be afraid. I also imagine Jesus thinking ya ding-dongs, what are you doing out here.


Once they realize it was Jesus, “they were eager to let him on the boat, and they immediately arrived at their destination!” There it is, the word that made my jaw drop open. Let me back up just a bit first though. That word made me wonder how far they had gotten from the shore. I did a little research to see how long it would take to row 3 to 4 miles. While I couldn’t find an exact time we can make a few assumptions. A mile can take between 15 to 45 minutes. This time is influenced by boat, water conditions and strength of the rowers. While the rowers I’m certain were very strong and capable, the boat wouldn’t have been a modern boat that these numbers were based on, and the sea condition would have been quite rough due to the storm.


I am going to deduct that it would have taken them 3 to 3 and a half hours to row as far as they did. Once Jesus arrived on the scene, he got them to their location IMMEDIATELY!


This applies so much to us! We can work and work at something on our own to only end up in the midst of a storm afraid. We have the same option as the disciples. We can eagerly invite Jesus into our mess and let Him help us arrive where we need to. We may arrive where we need to immediately or we may have to take the long way there because we need the lessons we will learn on that path. Either way Jesus is the answer.

He brings the peace to our storms. He brings bravery to our fearfulness. He brings calm to mess. He brings direction to our calling.

He brings the peace to our storms.

He brings bravery to our fearfulness.

He brings calm to mess.

He brings direction to our calling.



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This weeks featured blogger is Misty from beYOUtiful Mom her beautiful letter to her children will inspire you to write your own children a letter, because it sure did me!

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The Parable I’ve Always Hated

My least favorite parable for as long as I can remember has been the prodigal son. It has always made me angry at what I considered an injustice. It doesn’t seem fair to live as the “good” son. I find myself on that side of the fence because I’ve always felt I fell into the good son category. I came to accept Christ at age 14, after going to church for a few months with my Aunt Kay. I immediately felt a passion to know and share Jesus. I organized a youth rally with very limited adult help by age 16. I have never partied, been drunk, or done what we often consider living a sinful life.


After getting married we witnessed happenings within the church body that made us decide we weren’t going to attend. We lived life away from a church for five years, but still held Christ values and lifestyle. I don’t tell you this to make myself sound sinless by any means. I promise I am quick to judge, quick to anger at times, impatient and bossy. As I’ve always felt about the good son, he wasn’t perfect he just didn’t run off to live irresponsible and totally for himself.


This is why I’ve always found a parable of a son who was greedy, selfish, a partier and living only for fleshly desires alone pretty darn unfair.


It ticked me off honestly. Why does the guy who was a complete jerk (with a capital J) get a huge party, the nicest of robes, jewelry and the best steak of his life? While the other brother, who had stayed, serving and helping his father for years dedicating himself to the work his father has for him gets none of it. There was no party. No public recognition. No filet mignon for him to feast on. No praises of his steadfast work and servant hood. No songs were sung.

our economy isn't gods economy

In verse 31 of Luke 15, the father tells the good son when he got angry “that everything I [the father] have is yours [the good son]”. To me that has sounded like a pat on the hand saying, oh, now don’t be like that. I’ll tell you what I think you want to hear so you stop whining and feeling sorry for yourself. I will say I didn’t like the sons angry response but I could relate.


Yes, you can tell me think I’m a terrible bible teacher, but this has been how I’ve felt for years. I didn’t want to read about it or hear a sermon on it because it always ended in me rolling my eyes. I just couldn’t get it to fit my picture of what fairness looked like. I know it’s terrible but I’m keeping it real for you!


Until, oh yes there is an until, last Sunday. You all remember my temper tantrum – yikes. You gave me so much love last week after I confessed my ugly wretched heart out to you and I love each one of you so much for it! Last Sunday while singing the name of Jesus, tears streaming down my face, I heard a voice that sounded like my own, but my voice would not have said this. A voice that said “see this is why the lost son was welcomed back.” You were the lost son filled with doubts, anger and an unwillingness to turn to me. My justice works like grace.

God's justice looks like grace

I finally got it. We are all the lost son, no matter how long we serve him. How we dedicate ourselves to shining His love. We are all dirty. We all roll around in the filth of wanting our own way. When we get up out of the dirt and walk home hanging our heads, he runs to meet us. He covers us with His robe. We feast again at His table. The Lord loves the dirty and lost. It isn’t fairness, it is love. It isn’t justice, it is grace.


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This weeks featured blogger is Angela with her post Do You Feel Disqualified? I’m pretty sure we all are going to relate to this gem!


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A Party For One

This week I just have to be fully honest with you all. I had a post all written, (I was even pretty excited about it!) yet I just know that it has to wait and today I just need to give you a dose of truth from my heart. For the past two days I’ve had the bug of discouragement. An attitude of comparison and a great big pity party happening.




Don’t feel sorry for me, I tell you that right now I don’t deserve it. I got mad at God. I was steaming mad. It began with the loss of a life and then turned into more yuck. I guess that is one of the stages of grief now that I think about, but there was really no excuse for it. Ugly I tell ya!


The anger turned quickly into this comparison of other peoples lives. Remember I struggle with people pleasing, well this week I was introduced to her cousin.


I’ve been feeling a bit proud of myself lately, thinking this need to people please was improving. That I was worrying less about others and focusing more on what the Lord had for me. Until comparison showed up at my door Friday morning as soon as I woke up from a nightmare. It began with a quiet whisper of, a friend doesn’t really like you. You really aren’t needed. Those other friendships she has are so much better.


Instead of recognizing the lie and telling satan to get out of my house, I allowed him to wreak havoc over my mind and heart for the next two days.


I allowed him to tell me that my season of study was unimportant.


I allowed him to tell me that God had nothing of purpose for me.


I allowed him to tell me I was a mediocre mom.


I allowed him to tell me I had only failures in my life, that I had accomplished nothing successful.


I allowed him to diminish my entire life.


Yes it truly was that bad you only need to ask my husband.


I tell you these things not for you to feel sorry for me but because I have to.  Trust me as I woke up from my Sunday nap, got dinner in the oven and felt the Lord saying there is a new post to write. I said, but I don’t want to! But I recalled a quote I had seen on the Propel Woman Facebook page earlier in the afternoon.


“Are you willing and able to use your pain as a microphone and bless someone else while going through your own storm?” Levi Lusko


"Are you willing and able to use your pain as a microphone and bless someone else while going through your own storm?" Levi Lusko


So I had to tell you of my pain, my redemption so that someone might be blessed.


In the midst of my gigantic pity party I invited my husband into the hot mess of it. I really just wanted a little pat on the back and a awww it’ll be ok. Ladies my hubby is a quiet guy and yesterday I heard more words of truth (painful truth) spoken over me all at once than maybe ever before in our 18 years of knowing each other.


I don’t even remember the words really, just that they busted through the lies satan had smeared all over me. I couldn’t fully absorb them and erase my anger and guilt until this morning.  When in church during a song that repeated the name of Jesus several times, with my hands raised and tears streaming down my face. I asked for His forgiveness. Forgiveness for impatience. Forgiveness for comparing and wanting another’s path. Forgiveness for my wretched sinful heart.


With the grace and forgiveness that only Jesus comes with, he embraced my heart. He wiped my tears and filled me with peace. Peace that I do have a purpose. Peace that it’s ok to be in a season of study and that it isn’t a trite place to be. Peace about Winter.


If you are in a place of believing even a little lie that satan is whispering in your ear I encourage you just to say the name of Jesus. The wretchedness that our heart can have at times won’t want to, but I encourage you to do it. His name alone can bring peace over the yuckiest of hearts. His life alone can bring forgiveness over our darkest of sin.


If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. 1st John 1:9


Friends I long to be authentic, hopefully not too much, but this is me. I am failed. I am unsure. I am forgiven. I am redeemed. I have purpose. All of my days I will strive to be a truth teller for the sake of encouraging others and showing off how big our God is.

I am failedI am failed. I am unsure. I am forgiven. I am redeemed. I have purpose. All of my days I will strive to be a truth teller for the sake of encouraging others and showing off how big our God is.

I know I haven’t shared anything new here, but I imagine that someone else might be in the middle of a pity party. A party for one that no one else even knows is happening. Because we can be really good about polishing up those masks and getting them just right. Well sweet friend I see you. You are not alone.

You are loved.

You are not mediocre.

You are forgiven.

You are redeemed.


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This week I’m featuring Karen of Growing Together in Grace and Knowledge. Her post of obedience in the hard stuff is an encouragement for all of us!


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His Plan Alone

Hi Girls! I wanted to say thank you to all those who entered my birthday contest and sent me birthday love (I’m going to tell myself that you sent love because you love me not because I bribed you!) Sarah was the lucky winner and I emailed her a bit ago. Sarah be sure to check your email, I want you to be blessed with your copy of God Is Able! 


This week, amidst the birthday celebration here, I found myself along with my community wrestling through a really tough week. We as a community found ourselves rocked to our very core. I landed in a spot of really questioning God, I don’t think I was alone in that spot. I questioned the very existence of a God I love so much. Questioning His way for man. Questioning His purpose of earth, if he wanted to create beings why not just create us into heaven.

Why is there pain?

Why tragedy?

Why loss?

Why unfairness?

Why do some live with nothing, some eek by and some have more than they know what to do with?

Why do some suffer their entire time on earth?

It all can seem like a cruel joke. 


The reason for these questions, these moments of crying out to the Lord angry sobbing tears, is that last weekend tragedy struck our small town. A young girl who bravely fought cancer since preschool age passed away, after fighting most of her life, the battle ended. The same weekend a high school girl was involved in a car accident leaving her and another woman with significant head trauma and a young mother delivering a baby who would never breath a breath of oxygen. 


These events called me to question God as I sat on the floor of my war room hurting, not understanding and flat out mad at the unfairness this world offers. In that moment with tears streaming down my face, washing more make up off with each rivulet, I knew to open to Isaiah 41 and to read to the end of the chapter. That one chapter gave me a peace for every question, every angry fist shake. 


It caught my attention right away in verse one when it opens with “Listen in silence before me….Bring your strongest arguments. Come now and speak.” I had given my arguments and knew it was time for silence. As I read on, verse 4 says Who has done such mighty deeds, summoning each new generation from the beginning of time? It is I, the Lord, the First and the Last. I alone am he.” This answers one of my whys. That He alone knows the plan. He knew the plan before the beginning and already knows the end of the plan.


Is it wise for an ant to judge the tree growing taller because it blocks the sun from its hill? No, there is purpose to the tree growing up taller. The fruit that will fall and feed the ant is just one aspect of the purpose for the tree growing there. Had the ant had its way, it would have missed out on the longer term blessings because it could only see the very tiny piece of the picture. This is true for us in the position of the ant. It would be unwise for us to judge the bigger picture only because we have yet to eat from the fruit. 


This is where faith steps in, my best friend and I decided while we sipped coffee pondering my whys. Faith that there is a plan bigger than ourselves and one event. Trust has to reign, trust in His provision that he doesn’t intend disaster but a hope filled future. Laying claim that he works all things for the good of those who love Him as Romans 8:28 tells us. 


He works all things for the good of those who love Him. | Me, Coffee & Jesus

The question still arises from my heart, because His word says have faith that can move mountains and they will move (Matthew 17:20) pray and seek me with your whole self and I will answer (Jeremiah 29:13) why not bring healing? With prayers going out for healing, why not heal a broken body? Why do two parents have to say good-bye? Why does a sister have to grow old without her confidant?




The answer is the simplest yet the hardest to understand. An answer that I already knew but needed reminded of. We don’t get to and don’t need to understand. God’s plan is His alone and it isn’t our place to dictate the plan.

we don't need to and don't get to understand. Me, Coffee & Jesus

Our place is surrender anger and bitterness over to Him.

To pick up obedience of continued prayer and trust.

To seek joy from Him and the glory that is Him.

To worship Him when our heart is broken and bleeding from grief.

That is our position in the plan. 



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This week feature is Micah with her post When You Question Your Calling you’re going to want to be sure to read this! It will encourage your heart to keep walking into where the Lord is leading you. 


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