He Brings Direction To Our Calling

As I continue to make my way through my season of study, (which is not a waste – take that satan) I settled into the book of John. As I read over familiar passages my eyes hit the word immediately and my world was rocked!


I truly do love this season of study, I always viewed the study of God’s word hard, complex and definitely not for me. In August, coming home from She Speaks, I knew that was my new season. When you go to a conference with expectations of coming home with this great project, cause let me be honest, I’m a project girl! Give me a check list and a goal and I’m in my element. Needless to say when the assignment I received was learn My truth, study My word, a teensy weensy part of me was just a little disappointed. Now 3 months and 21 books of the New Testament later, I’m hooked. Hooked and proud of it. I was squealing happy when my friend got me my own Strong’s Concordance for my birthday. It’s ok you can call me a nerd over this, I am!

We must learn to embrace the season that God places us in. To walk in obedience through each season God chooses for us.

Back to this word – immediately. This word popped out to me in verse 21 of John 6. This is a passage that I’m sure you are at least a little familiar with, Jesus walks on water. The disciples got a bit impatient waiting on Jesus and since they were the water men they were, they decide to just get in a boat and row to Capernaum. In the dark. With a storm brewing. Now I’m not bashing any men but I can tell you I don’t think the ladies would have decided to row out after darkness fell. At least this girl wouldn’t have, I would have been content to sleep on the bank, snack on the leftover bread and fish, while a fire blazes.


But not the disciples, off they go. They rowed out 3 to 4 miles and a full blown storm is over them. I can just picture this boat filled with men trying to stay afloat. Sweat flying, muscles straining, mental shouts of “why in the world did we do this” happening on the boat. Then out of the mist, through the waves, comes Jesus walking on the water. After what I envision of men screaming like little girls, Jesus says don’t be afraid. I also imagine Jesus thinking ya ding-dongs, what are you doing out here.


Once they realize it was Jesus, “they were eager to let him on the boat, and they immediately arrived at their destination!” There it is, the word that made my jaw drop open. Let me back up just a bit first though. That word made me wonder how far they had gotten from the shore. I did a little research to see how long it would take to row 3 to 4 miles. While I couldn’t find an exact time we can make a few assumptions. A mile can take between 15 to 45 minutes. This time is influenced by boat, water conditions and strength of the rowers. While the rowers I’m certain were very strong and capable, the boat wouldn’t have been a modern boat that these numbers were based on, and the sea condition would have been quite rough due to the storm.


I am going to deduct that it would have taken them 3 to 3 and a half hours to row as far as they did. Once Jesus arrived on the scene, he got them to their location IMMEDIATELY!


This applies so much to us! We can work and work at something on our own to only end up in the midst of a storm afraid. We have the same option as the disciples. We can eagerly invite Jesus into our mess and let Him help us arrive where we need to. We may arrive where we need to immediately or we may have to take the long way there because we need the lessons we will learn on that path. Either way Jesus is the answer.

He brings the peace to our storms. He brings bravery to our fearfulness. He brings calm to mess. He brings direction to our calling.

He brings the peace to our storms.

He brings bravery to our fearfulness.

He brings calm to mess.

He brings direction to our calling.



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  1. I love my Strong’s as well. 🙂

  2. I WANT a Strongs!

    FYI-we just got back from going with Lysa TerKeurst on her trip to Israel. And we went to where Jesus is believed to have fed the 5,000 then walked on water-right where you are talking about-so I SEE it. MIND-BLOWING! Want a photo Winter? Let me know, it was beyond words.

    Hugs, Susan

  3. You will mine some beautiful gems in the goldfield of the Word. The Word will produce much fruit. You will have much treasure to share with others. Enjoy.

  4. He is our everything. Our answer to every question, our solution to every problem. He’s amazing.

  5. Wow, Winter, this is really great! I never thought about, much less really paid attention to that detail of how long it would take to row 3 miles (didn’t pay attention to the mileage either). That’s a great analogy. And I can see how digging and diving into His word is preparing you for something greater. In order to minister outwardly, we must know His word in our innermost being. Enjoy this time of preparation! I have a Strong’s Concordance, which, I have been told, is outdated….how, I don’t know..but it is so very cool for study. And there’s something about getting all those big books out instead of simply clicking on links that will give you the same (quicker) answer. Great post. Thanks again for hosting, and have a glorious Thanks-giving.

  6. I remember that same passage in Scripture, and I remember the time when the same word – *immediately* – jumped out at me!! It’s so wonderful when we are reminded that the Word of God is alive!! There are depths to be mined, and so many nuggets of golden Truth to be found, that we’ll never grow tired of exploring!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! May it be filled with faith, family, friends, fellowship…OK, and lots and lots of food!


  7. I love this! I am a Bible study nerd. I love to learn and I love commentaries and Hebrew and Greek word studies! I love how God speaks when we are listening and expecting to hear!

  8. Sounds like you are pursuing the Word with great fervor! Father is pleased!

  9. Wow! Winter, this is such an awesome word! Definitely one of my favorite messages from you! Thank you so much for sharing, beautiful friend! GOD bless you! 🙂

  10. the trials and burdens. That is an important lesson. We can’t expect deep meaningfulness from our calling unless we are willing to assume its burdens as well.

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