Fervent Fear or Fervent Prayer

It is so easy to live tied up in fear, especially in the times we live in. Social media creates fear, being plugged in to every news, radio, and magazine perpetuates this fear. It can begin to consume us, even those secure in their faith of God’s protection.

We hear of missionary’s children being killed because they won’t denounce God. Police officers being slain for doing their jobs. Politicians encouraging racial division. Even some who call themselves men of God, encourage racial division. Babies being killed before they have a chance to be born. Girls being sold into a lifetime of slavery. This world is filled with evil.

Scary right.

Terrifying even.

What are we to do? Where has God gone?

I will not be shaken


Friday there was a call for prayer at noon. I cried out to God like never before. I asked WHY? I cried out for salvation of politicians, ISIS, and those who crave evil. I prayed for mercy on this land. I prayed for protection over His people.

Flat on my face, tears pouring down and words trapped in my throat as if the enemy didn’t want them to come out. Especially when I started praying for salvation of ISIS, the President and First Lady. The enemy knows who he needs on his side. He uses social media to paralyze us with fear. On the other side of that he uses social media to distract us from the evil.

If he can keep us complacent, satan’s job is easy. We are doing it for him. When I watched War Room last weekend the part that struck me so strongly was the moment Miss Clara served lukewarm coffee. We as a church have become lukewarm.

We don’t want to offend, ruffle feathers or move focus to an agenda so we stay still and silent. Do you realize that we don’t need to sound crazy. We don’t need to rent out a stage and scream. We don’t need to fill our friends newsfeeds with fear.

We NEED to pray.

We NEED to put action to prayer.

When I say pray, I mean PRAY. Pray fervently. With tears and words pouring out so fast your mind can’t keep up so your spirit takes over. Pray as if your life depends on it; because it does. Pray for what needs changed, but pray for hearts. Hearts are the issue, hearts will change policies. People need love, the love of Jesus. When we begin to pray for salvation of our enemies, there comes change. Our situation seems so hopeless. Our world is filled with evil and people think it is at it’s worst. Maybe it is, but I think the enemy has learned to use the technology we have created to hold us in a pattern of fear. We are the hope of breaking that by praying for what we would consider our worldly enemies.

I’ll be honest, so often I’m so busy praying for me. My situation, my finances, my children, my marriage. My job, my friends, my circle of influence, my friends and family who are sick. My wants, me, me, me.

How about you? I will be so bold to say yes, you are the same. Now we may pray for our federal/state politicians at election time. We pray for an issue when we are confronted over it.

But I think human nature is to focus on our community. God created us for community so I am not saying this is a terrible thing-please hear that!


Our prayers do make a difference.

I am saying that our action of prayer is we need to move beyond our immediate circle and we need to create a movement of prayer for our earthly nation.

We need to stop being complacent, lukewarm christians. We need prayer because nothing we do can influence and change the world like our prayers sent to the Heavenly Father.

Won’t you share this with your friends. Won’t you change your prayers for the next month and move them from me focused prayers to enemy focused prayers.

Pray for:

President Obama and Michelle –

That their hearts would be softened and that they would hear the gospel of Jesus. That they would come to know salvation in a personal way. Remember the Lord allowed them to be appointed over our nation.


Pray that they would be stopped in their battles and killings. That they would see love in those they try to kill. That they would come to know the Lord for the first time. That those they hate would be protected.

Senators and Representatives –

That those who know the Lord would stand up and be bold. That they would hear the directions that God has for them. That they would have assurance in God’s ability to re-elect them so they wouldn’t be focused on trading favors in disobedience. I pray for those that know Christ would have the strength to tell others about Him. Pray for opportunities for God’s love to be shared and hearts to softly bend to Him.

Police Officers –

Pray for protection for them as they risk their lives daily to protect us. Pray for strength for their families. Pray for peace over the areas they work. Send heavenly angels to watch over them. Give them ears that only hear your truth about the importance of their lives and not the lies that are spewed.

Racial division –

Pray against those who try to fracture our country. Pray for restored community because each of your children matter. Help all of us remember that. Pray for opportunities to arise that can bring reconnection of divided hearts.

Government function –

Pray for the voices of citizens to be heard. That the government will be restored to work as it was created. That no branch has the only say. That constituents would be listened to by those who have elected them.

Lukewarm neighbors –

This maybe the greatest of these enemies. This might find us praying for our own hearts and not our neighbor. Pray that lives will be ignited for love, peace and all that Christ can do. Pray that Christians can be strengthened.


Printable Prayer List

If it is overwhelming to pray these all at once, take one and pray for it one day, then the next day move to the next group. Feel free to print the above list.

I have read recently from “experts” that there is no saving this country. It’s going to hell in a hand basket. Well, it may be, and maybe we will see the return of Christ soon. But I think there is still much good in this world and there are hearts that need saved. I believe from my toes that this country can be changed. It can be changed by our God, because He is truly that great. In order for Him to change it though we can no longer sit complacent in a church pew but fall on our faces in fervent prayer.


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Lauren of Making Life Sweet wrote Holding Fast to the Word and reminds just how important clinging to the truths that are written in the Word.

Sarah wrote When There’s Too Much Hurt and Pain in the World sharing with us some practical ways to ministry to those in our life that are hurting.


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Mighty Warriors + Link Up

This past week I found myself so exhausted. So tired of the everyday. So worn out in the normal routine. I spent 4 days sick – feel like death sick. Fever, chills, sore throat, earache and body aches-Sick. I’m a pitiful sick girl, just ask my husband! I whimper, I can’t help it, I certainly don’t mean to or even realize I’m doing it. My mom has told me I have done it since I was 6 months old. (I must insert my apologies here, if I linked up next to you or you commented last week here, I kept thinking I would catch up and read all the posts and leave responses but alas it didn’t happen.)


Do you feel like me?


Maybe not physically sick, but mentally worn out, spiritually exhausted?


When we find ourselves feeling like this we are distracted from our purpose and calling. Satan can use this against us, he is on the attack and when we become weary he is ready to pounce.

I am His | Me, Coffee & Jesus

I know this, I even think I am prepared, most of the time, but it still sneaks up on me. The Lord knew this would happen to us. He was so confident that it would, He gave us instructions to prevent it. Ephesians 6 gives instructions on clothing ourselves against the enemy.


But it takes work to put that on everyday…time too. When life is rolling it’s easy to get distracted from the need to clothe ourselves for battle. It’s easy to lose sight that there is a battle.  This is important ladies, so listen up! There is a battle, a battle so big, a battle that’s entire mission is to destroy and detain us from our purpose we have been planted for. We know this right?  It’s Christianity 101, but how easy is it to forget.


Now did I just hear a mumble from the back of “what purpose?”


Don’t you believe it, sister. You have been created for a great purpose. A purpose of patiently loving your children, your husband, your aging parents. The purpose of kindness, smiling at the cashier, tipping that young waitress. Praying for the co-worker that drives you bonkers. If you don’t see or think you have a purpose that is the lie of the enemy. To think like that allows a victory for him, that line of thinking doesn’t allow room for the Lord to work in your life. His plans are always bigger than we imagine. Maybe right now your purpose feels small, but don’t let that distract you from the big things the Lord is preparing for you behind the scenes.


Ok, sorry I had to get that clear, I was saying that all to myself six months ago so I know someone was thinking it today.


Even when we know the spiritual attacks are coming it is still hard to prepare. A huge spiritual attack for me is my health. I have the worst immune system and a chronic illness that rears its head when I’m run down/stressed. If you live in Indiana you know the source of my stress this past week, water! We had over a foot in our front yard last Monday. The other common spiritual attack is financial stress. So yep you guessed it, some financial stressers this past week, nothing catastrophic but stressful.


The enemy loves when we are stressed out because what are we thinking about when we are stressed? Me, me, me. We move from thinking about living ruined lives for Jesus, to me living. Our worries, our finances, our sick bodies. Just last week I wrote about living ruined for Jesus, this week I didn’t live that out. To experience that dichotomy within just a week was a true lesson in the importance of daily clothing myself in His armor. 


I am personally entering a time in my life of spiritual attacks. When I registered for SheSpeaks earlier this year I was told to be ready, the enemy was coming. Be prepared because you are doing work for the Lord and he wants to wear you out. I know this and still allowed myself to be caught without my armor. So ladies will you pray with me this week, and over the next few weeks. Will you shift your “me” living to living as she warriors, she warriors so ruined for Jesus that satan shivers in his tracks.


Let your worship be your battle cry | Me, Coffee & Jesus


Father God, we ask for strength this week. Strength to fight the unseen battles that are happening. We ask that you gird us with the belt of truth, that our minds will filter all thoughts through your truth. We ask for our bodies to be covered in your armor of righteousness. That we will live just and fair, guarding judgmental thoughts, remembering others we interact with are created beings of Yours too. We pray for shoes of peace so that as we step into others lives we bring a holy calmness to them. We ask for your shield of faith. A shield to stand behind that will protect us from the certain arrows the enemy will throw at us. We thank you for the helmet of salvation that you provide to us. We ask for complete trust and confidence in its helm of our life. We praise you for the sword that you provided us with. We ask for discernment to fight with it, for strength to wield it. Father, we pray these things and claim them in the power of who you have created us to be. We ask for a holy alertness, to stay aware of the coming attacks to persistently seek you and your will in our lives.

Put on the armor of God, fight like a warrior | Me, Coffee & Jesus


If you have a specific prayer request I would love to pray for you. Drop me an email at mecoffeeandjesus@gmail.com or use my contact page. We will fight the enemy together.


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This week I’m featuring two bloggers because I couldn’t decide which one I loved best! So first I give you Keri of Living In This Season her post that encourages us to “find hope in knowing that we are all doing a beautiful work[of raising our children], each in different and unique ways and it is so good. We can embrace our differences and have confidence in how God made us.” You need to check out the full post! 

I’m also featuring Deb of Counting My Blessings she posted on the qualities that make us great, our greatness is ultimately based on her words: “You are great because by God’s grace through Jesus and the power of His Spirit” but you must check out the rest of her truth filled post!

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Secret Wonders

I have been having a very busy May, lots of fun things happening! My children are finishing the end of school with all the activities that seems to bring, the school carnival, a school wide field trip to a baseball game. Rachel also had a wonderful end of the year dance recital this past weekend!


I have a few exciting things happening here on the blog and in my speaking ministry. I currently am working with an amazing designer on a new blog layout with a custom domain name, let’s just say I’m pretty excited to reveal that! I also had the opportunity to speak to a lovely group of women this past weekend, on how the Lord makes us a captivating beauty that rises above the unnoticed. I hope to be able to share some clips of that soon!

I also had my post Faith Bigger Than Fear featured on Women With Intention, a great blog I link up at on Wednesday’s. I will also begin to host my own link up, Words With Winter, so once my new blog is up and running be sure to follow me and be the first to join the party! I also want to take a quick second to say thanks so much to all you readers. I am honored that you would stop by and I pray that you find encouragement at this little corner of mine. So on to today’s blog post:

I’ve always had a secret question, a secret wonder. Why do we need to pray about something more than once? After all aren’t we supposed to have faith in God’s power? So to repeat a prayer over and over I worried showed a lack of trust in God’s abilities.

Jesus says in Matthew 17:20  “If you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.” 
Now I do pray for things over and over like loved ones battling hardships, my son waiting on testing for a diagnosis and an explanation of his hair loss, those I know facing challenges and changes in their lives. I do this because the word also says:

“Pray without ceasing” in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 pray without ceasing

I don’t want my wonders to get in the way of prayers being answered, so I pray. I pray every time they enter my mind, I pray until I have peace over the situation. Yet I do still wonder.

Every week on Wednesdays I drive half an hour to the next town over for coffee with my girls. A few weeks ago, as I’m in the car praying and worrying over my son as only a mom can do, that question popped into my mind. I started thinking about that secret question and how I’ve always wondered if I was supposed to pray the same prayer over and over, and if so, why did I need to pray more than once.

While driving down highway 15 God gave me an answer, it wasn’t audible but it was a mental picture. It was as if I was standing facing a thin, almost see through, wall that pressing blackness was approaching. Then I saw other believers and we were sending prayers and each of those prayers seemed to fly against the darkness and beat it back. The thought came we don’t know of the unseen spiritual battle, I can’t see it, but it is hard and it’s a battle to the death. So with each prayer I send out, and other believers send out, they keep the blackness of spiritual darkness away.

Once I arrived at the coffee shop my mind was still a little wowed! I immediately tell my girls about this and Amy reminds me of a story I’d heard before. It was of a woman stepping up to the king to present her request and instead of going home she gets in line again. She makes her way to the front to present the same request, at her arrival the king remembers her vaguely. She continues to do this all day and by the end of the day the king remembers her and knows her request before she speaks it. He realizes that she is persistent and grants her request.

I don’t present either of these pictures to lead you to believe that God is a willy nilly granter of “wishes” nor do I think every prayer is a spiritual warfare defense.

I do present you with the idea that God longs for a continual conversation with you. He wants you to share your worries, fears and even questions. He hears each one. God knows the worries of our hearts and when we turn them into prayers over worries we will be filled with a peace that passes all understanding. worries into prayers

So sweet friends, pray without ceasing, no matter how big or small the Lord is only waiting to remove that worry from your shoulders. Pray until you are filled with peace, peace that comes when we no longer pick back up our worry, but we leave it at the King of Kings throne.

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